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Mad Goat Press (MGP) is not accepting unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

For interested authors, our submission process is described below. Any submissions submitted prior to our call for submissions will not be answered or reviewed.

Submission guidelines:

Submission Criteria: MGP is a hybrid publisher. This means that you, as the author, have certain responsibilities in the publishing process of your book. One of these author responsibilities is professional editing. You should have engaged the services of a developmental editor, line editor, or both to make your manuscript the best that it can be prior to submitting it to Mad Goat Press. We will assist in proofreading prior to publication if your manuscript is accepted, but there should not be any glaring problems. As part of the submission process we will require the first three chapters of your completed novel. Do not submit unfinished works!

How to Submit: We are an eco-friendly publisher! All submissions must be submitted via the
following questionnaire. Incomplete answers will result in immediate rejection. 

You should have a compelling synopsis of your book! This is what will get you to the next stage, or get your book rejected. Don’t rush through this!

Note: All authors will NOT be accepted. A multitude of reasons could result in a rejection. Examples are: genre or sub-genre does not fit our model, story theme does not fit our vision, poor quality of writing, lack of developmental or line editing, unengaging story beginning, number of submissions received, etc. Every book submitted will get a fair review. All acceptance decisions are final.

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